UNBELIEVABLE: North Korea Threatens To ‘End The US’ After Sanctions Imposed By The United Nations

Tensions between North Korea and the United States have never been worse. This has caused many prominent political commentators to be extremely worried by the communist state’s aggressively militaristic attitude.

The recent test of an intercontinental ballistic missile has given the totalitarian nation the power to launch a nuclear strike against the United States for the first time ever. Experts estimated they would not be capable of doing this for another few decades.

President Donald Trump is not taking any bluff from the young dictator. Trump is working from a more confrontational foreign policy. Even with President Trump urging China to take military action against  North Korea, Kim Jong-un has remained obstinate in the face of threats and coercion.

Last month, America flew two supersonic bombers over the Korean peninsula last month in a show of strength. Now, in response, North Korean state media claims that Kim Jong-un has apparently made it his mission to “end the US” after the United Nations promised tougher economic sanctions for the collectivist nation.

In a speech made on Saturday to the United Nations Security Council, U.S. ambassador Nikki Haley stated that military action against North Korea was a likely possibility if the UN’s “gut punch” trade sanctions and embargo failed to have a lasting effect. In a statement made during the summit, Haley said, “[North Korea] can either take heed and say ‘let’s start being responsible and see another avenue.’ Or, they can continue what they’re doing and the international community will continue to respond.”

After the U.N. Security Council passed the resolution, she stated, “Overall, this was a day of action … a day when we stopped all the talk. This was the day when we said to North Korea they have to stop their irresponsible actions. This resolution is the strongest resolution with sanction measures that we’ve seen in a generation.

Haley also added, “It will go after a third of North Korea’s hard currency, it bans coal, it bans iron, it bans additional labourers they can send overseas. It has quite huge implications for North Korea. We hope they will take notice.”

In response to the UN’s decision, Kim Jong-un stated via KCNA : “The day the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is provoked, will mean the end of the US.”

The United Kingdom’s UN ambassador Matthew Rycroft said of the situation, “By acting in flagrant violation of its legal obligations, by going against the will of the Security Council expressed in countless resolutions, North Korea has chosen the path it now finds itself on. It is a path that, at a minimum, will lead to further suffering for its own people and at most could prove to be catastrophic for the whole world.”

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