Three Scandals That Robert Mueller Has Been Guilty Of

Robert Mueller is now facing more drama.  Scandalous behavior is being pointed directly at him and he now has to defend himself.

According to reports, Mueller has been exposed for his wrong doings while he was the head of the FBI and his three biggest scandals that will eventually cause him to lose his credibility.

First on his scandal list is his involvement in supporting the intelligence community’s falsification of Iraq war intelligence where thousands of American soldiers were injured, dismembered and killed, which was justified by fabricated, false as well as overstated information from the U.S. intelligence agencies.

Mueller had refused to investigate and arrest the fabricators for the colossal deception as he was the key part of the whole scheme.

Number two on the list was a more recent event.   The NSA’s surveillance scandal which he also covered up, including all of the conducted illegal collection of domestic phone records.

Last, but not least, number three.  This is when Mueller demonstrated his role as a lap dog of Hillary Clinton during the scandal that took place between 2009-2013. You know, when Former President Bill Clinton collected millions from paid speaking fees and also covering Clinton’s tracks when she was making millions from doing ‘favors’ while being Secretary of State.

Mueller was always working for the liberals and attempting to take down President Trump.  His game has been exposed.

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