The White House Had An Uninvited Guest Show Up Yesterday!

In unbelievable news yesterday, the White House was the site for a shocking appearance of an inflatable animal. How someone was able to erect this so near to the White House is also interesting.

The White House was empty as the construction crew was working on the White House renovations. Apparently this is why they missed the erection of the inflatable Trump- Chicken.

The 23- foot chicken came out of no where.  It is unknown as to who placed it there or what the heck it means.    Was it an anti-Trump message or just someone trying to have some strange fun?

This is not the first time a chicken like this has popped up.  A similar chicken had been seen at a Tax Day protest event protesting, well, whatever the liberals were protesting that day.


Of all the liberal stunts out there, this is the only one that I have to give a chuckle to.  I mean seriously, who thinks of this stupid stuff.  What a waste of time and money.

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