State Gives Barack Obama His Own Day To Celebrate

Former President Barack Obama will be given a special day named in honor of him.  Illinois, his former state, are recognizing Obama on his own holiday called, ‘Barack Obama Day.’

This day was approved and declares that August 4th is “Barack Obama Day.” It was signed by Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner this Friday and reports claim that the holiday will be celebrated for years to come.  May citizens do not feel the way that mainstream media has described it.   The first recognition of the holiday will begin next year on Obama’s birthday. The Senate bill was passed by both state houses with no votes against it.

While the day is set to honor the 44th President of the United States of America, there has been an outcry from citizens who can see that the only thing that Obama was able to accomplish was creating more problems in our country than fixing it.

Illinois is where Obama began.  This is where he decided that he would be more and more involved in the political realm.

Barack Obama celebrated his 56th birthday with Michelle as they were both spotted at Rasika West End in Washington D.C. spending our hard earned money that he gets to play with.

Do you think Obama should have been given his own holiday in Illinois?

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