Right After Rahm Emanuel SUED Over Sanctuary City Rule, Jeff Sessions Let Him Have It!

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel likes to keep his city of Chicago as a sanctuary city.  After President Trump’s announcement that sanctuary cities would be punished by withholding federal money to those cities, Emanuel decided he would file a lawsuit on Monday over the DOJ’s recent threat.

The DOJ has an added new requirement for cities to receive the Byrne grants.  The cities are required to inform federal agents 48 hours before an illegal immigrant is released from jail.  Mayor Rahm Emanuel only needs to comply and will be granted to receive $3.2 million in Byrne grants.

Fox News reports Emanuel said the new requirements were like “blackmail” and would prevent the city from being “welcoming.”

In obvious disgust, Attorney General Jeff Sessions immediately slammed the lawsuit, saying in a statement:

“This administration is committed to the rule of law and to enforcing the laws established by Congress. To a degree perhaps unsurpassed by any other jurisdiction, the political leadership of Chicago has chosen deliberately and intentionally to adopt a policy that obstructs this country’s lawful immigration system.”

As he continued, he said that the mayor “complains that the federal government’s focus on enforcing the law would require a ‘reordering of law enforcement practice in Chicago.’”  As well as saying, “But that’s just what Chicago needs: a recommitment to the rule of law and to policies that roll back the culture of lawlessness that has beset the city.”

Oh Emmanuel, he feels he is above the law of the nation, he said, “Chicago will not let our police officers become political pawns in a debate.”

“Chicago will not let our residents have their fundamental rights isolated and violated. And Chicago will never relinquish our status as a welcoming city.”

Calling Chicago a “Welcoming city!”  The crime rates alone deter tourists or people in general from coming into the city.  2016 delivered a record number of murders in the last 20 years with 2017 stats already ahead of 2016.  It’s frightening.  Obviously, Emanuel is not controlling his city and already does whatever he wants to do. It’s not doing his city good.

Sessions is so right on this.  Chicago needs more help than Emanuel may admit.  It’s in the news, everyone knows it. Come on Rahm, do it for your city!

Sessions strongly concluded, “So it’s this simple: Comply with the law or forego taxpayer dollars.”

Let’s Share this so that Rahm Emanuel see’s that we care more about his city than he does.  Comment “Rahm, fix your city!”

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