REVEALED: Trump’s Top Advisor Caught Conspiring With Susan Rice

After much speculation a traitor has been unearthed in the White House. A top official has been thwarting the actions of President Trump and his administration.

Proof of the traitor’s sabotage has finally emerged, quickly escalating the urgency of the situation, in the form of a letter which reveals the traitor scheming with Susan Rice.

The traitor in question is U.S. National Security Advisor H.R. McMasters. Read the letter below:

McMasters told Rice she could keep her security clearance – which is something that Trump would never do.

This letter goes on to prove that the president’s accusations that Rice’s unmasking activity was inappropriate after all.

Social Media users were outraged after the information was revealed, spreading the hashtag #FireMcMasters and putting their efforts to make it go viral so their voice would be heard.

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