President Trump Just Made ENORMOUS Jobs Announcement That Libs Will Despise

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As President Trump was discussing small business, he made an enormous announcement on jobs.  Liberals are not too pleased to hear this, but this will make you proud of Trump again.

President Trump makes things happen!

What he shared was that Foxconn’s CEO, confidentially told him that he was interested in investing $30 billion in the United States.

Foxconn is the company in China that Apple uses to make iPhones.

This news was confidential but he shared it with everyone so that we could see the improvements he is working on. He said,  “He told me off the record — he thinks he may go $30 billion, but he told me that off the record, so I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone.” Then he added, “That’s called big business, by the way.”

Another secret that was revealed last week was that Tim Cook of Apple told President Trump they would be building three new plants in the US.

This is great news!  China has been the major smart phone’s manufacturers since they started making them.  Since Apple was sending the work to China they were able to work the tax structure in the US paying only 18.3%.

Another win for President Trump.  Creating jobs.  Bringing money to the US!

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