Pope Francis Attacks Conservative Catholics and President Trump

Under Pope Francis, the Catholic church has abandoned many of it’s positions on issues like divorce and homosexuality leaning towards an attitude of acceptance. The Pope has damned people for being rich, sided with illegal immigrants, and suggested the church should be a refuge for the poor.

His most recent example of separation from the Catholic church’s sacred values is contained in an article written by two of the Pope’s closest confidantes. They believe that conservative Catholics in the United States have formed a coalition with Evangelical Protestants to push President Donald Trump’s agenda, which they call a “Manichean vision.” The article, in the Jesuit publication La Civiltà Cattolica, had to receive Pope Francis’s approval before being published so he obviously endorsed their troubling sentiments.

In addition to rejecting Trump’s views, the article’s authors single out White House strategist Stephen Bannon as a “supporter of apocalyptic geopolitics.”

“The pope is expressing his displeasure at the election of Donald Trump as president and with the Catholics who voted for him,” says Deal Hudson, former Catholic Outreach director for the Republican National Committee. “It came as a huge surprise to the establishment of the church, who were pulling for Hillary Clinton.”

Hudson says the pope is wielding his power as CEO of the Church to tell American Catholics “we are bad Christians. This was his way of calling us a basket of deplorables without using that phrase.”

“This pope does not like the culture war,” says Robert Royal, president of the Faith and Reason Institute and a commentator on the Catholic network EWTN. “The real tragedy is they’re trying to discredit some types of religious action in the public square, while they are very active in advocating for the environment, immigrants and stopping human trafficking.”

Francis will soon learn that demonizing conservative American Catholics is a risky business. Many devout Catholics have long since disagreed with Pope Francis’s views and are disgusted by the way he has lead the church a stray from the sacred virtues that it was built on by God. His doctrine goes completely against God’s will. For now, we will just have to pray and let the Lord bring forth justice.

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