Pastor Hillary Clinton: Where She Is Headed Now

This is very unexpected but makes sense.  After Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton failed in her pursuit in becoming the President of The United States, she began to seek deeper and is now looking to become a spiritual leader, according to reports from people in Clinton’s posse.

Hillary Clinton wants to preach, according to her pastor Rev. Bill Shillady.  Shillady has written a book about the former secretary of state’s spiritual life, particularly during her years-long campaign for president. The book is title ‘Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily Devotions of Hillary Rodham Clinton.’

During a promotional photoshoot for “Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily Devotions Of Hillary Rodham Clinton,” a year’s worth of devotions tailored for Clinton as she campaigned for president, Clinton expressed to Shillady that she would like to incorporate spiritual leadership in her career.

Clinton asked Shillady not to write about her desire to be a pastor, however, because “it will make me seem much too pious,” Clinton told Shillady, according The Atlantic.

“Strong for a Moment Like This” promises “365 of the more than 600 devotions written for Clinton, along with personal notes, portions of her speeches, and headlines that provide context for that day’s devotion,” according to a press package from publisher Abingdon Press. Clinton would receive personalized devotions every day from Shillady and a small team of other pastors throughout the election.

Shillady said that Clinton who is a Methodist always has been greatly influenced by her faith. “It’s been there all along. The general public didn’t necessarily want to accept the fact that she’s a Christian because there’s so many critics out there about the Clintons.” The devotional will be available August 15.

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