Obama’s Daughter Caught Dancing Like She Is On Drugs, Where Are Her Parents?

Malia Obama was ushered out at Lollapalooza, a huge music festival, in a golf cart after her questionable dance moves.  She sat in a slumped over position while in the golf cart leaving the festivities.

Malia is the older daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama.  She appeared to have had a very good time at the festival in Chicago’s Grant Park last Friday night.  Leading to questions of what would make her pull out the dance moves she was doing.

The 19-year-old was seen headbanging to The Killers’ set earlier in the evening with her friends.  She was videoed rolling around on the ground and punching her fists into the ground with the music.

Apparently Malia was backstage for a majority of the set and then came out to the general area of the festival to let go and dance.  Later in the evening, she appeared dazed while sitting in the golf cart that escorted her away from the crowd.

Malia was being accompanied by a driver dressed all in black, who looked as though he may have been a bodyguard, and a man wearing a yellow jacket who kept onlookers away from the cart.

There has been no mention of drugs or alcohol, however her actions during and after the show were somewhat peculiar and not the norm for most.

Malia enjoyed herself at Lollapalooza as she attempted to get back into a normal life rather that the daughter of Barack Obama.  She still has some standards she is held to and should consider that as she is out in public. Especially as she will be at Harvard in the fall.

What do you think of Malia’s behavior?

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