Nikki Haley Just Gave North Korea DAMAGING News

Nikki Haley is one heck of a strong, smart, and accomplished woman.  She had some choice words for North Korea that will frighten them.

On Sunday she visited FOX News with some serious threats to North Korea and Kim Jong Un.  She announced, “We are not playing anymore.”  That’s right! No more games, no more warnings, just business now.

Haley helped to establish the new sanctions against North Korea and it’s pretty spectacular. She was able to get China, Russia, and Iran to all agree to stop importing goods from North Korea’s 3 biggest industries, Coal, Iron, and Seafood, as well as some others.

Haley said on FOX News:

“A third of their trade exports have been hit, and we basically gave them a kick in the gut with a billion dollars of sanctions that they are going to begin to feel right away.”

One billion dollars may not sound like much, however, North Korea only exports $3 billion a year.  This loss on $1 billion would be damaging.

Haley has said that Kim must now respond.  It is up to him as to what happens next.  If he continues to threaten the US, his economy will continue to suffer.

“They can either respond by pulling back and saying that they are not going to be a part of this reckless activity any more or they can see where it goes…And we’ll continue to keep up the strength, and keep up the activity and make sure that we stop them.”

This is an extremely smart move.  To hit them financially should wake them up.  North Korea can choose to continue to move forward to a world damaging or ending cycle or they can grow up and realize that money is more important for their country as a whole.

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