Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Director Caught Brown Bagging Huge Amounts Of Money From The Program

The school lunch program that  Barack and Michelle Obama are so proud of, have now had one of their top ‘agents’ placing money in their own paper bag.  He has been stealing money from the program that he was overseeing and his name is David Binkle. Binkle has pocketed over $65,000 in public funds, proving once again that the former first family had a thing for surrounding themselves with corrupt people and thieves.

Binkle as charged last week with several counts of misappropriation of public funds, forgery, perjury, conflict of interest and embezzlement, all of this coming from a man that was once chosen by Michelle herself to be the voice of promise when it came to the health and well-being of school children.

So this guy was in charge of  overseeing about 700,000 meals on a daily basis, served to students in L.A..  Well, maybe he wasn’t paid much and he thought he deserved more, which is a common thought behind Democrats.  His salary was $152,000 per year.

As if that was not enough for Binkle, he stole $65,000 more from the school lunch program to fund his very own culinary consulting firm as well as a personal bank account.

We are well aware that the Obama administration is full of corrupt people, and now we can add another confirmed corrupt Obama recommended person.  Obama’s just never cared. Thankfully, President Trump and Melania are not ones to disappoint the people that love and support them.

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