John Kelly Warns Staff To “Put America First”

President Trump’s new chief of staff Gen. John Kelly  gave all White House staffers a very stern message to not leak.   He specifically told them to “put America first.”

Gen Kelly is working on the White House staff and imposing order to eliminate the leaks.

Kelly addressed to around 200 staff members in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. With that, John Kelly ended his first week on the job, as President Trump headed to New Jersey as the West Wing undergoes renovations.

During his meeting with the staff, he told them to put our country first, President Trump second, and their own individual needs third.

Gen. John Kelly is setting things straight now.  He’s not playing games and he will not stop working on the leakers.

White House social media director, Dan Scavino, posted a photo-tweet of the speech on Friday.

As reported by several media outlets, he is seeking to gain order of the administration by forcing all would-be Oval Office visitors to first come through him. He definitely knows what he’s doing.

Kelly joined the President at his Bedminster golf club this weekend, and stayed the entire time. He is also scheduled to stay with the President during the next week too.

President Trump found a great, strong, smart guy to finally hit up the problem of the leakers in the White House!

Do you think John Kelly was a great choice?

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