Football Legend John Elway Angers Liberals Across The Country With 2 Words

Football legend, John Elway, was first-round draft pick in 1983 Baltimore Colts and made it all the way to the NFL Hall of Fame in 2004.

Elway is currently the GM of his old team. The GM raised eyebrows when he voiced support for Trump Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch. Yesterday he tweeted using 2 words that sent twitter users into an absolute frenzy.

It all started whenColin Kaepernick was being turned away by one team after another. Several media outlets banded together to petition Denver to sign the controversial QB, who has become notoriously known for his national anthem protests.

Elway quickly put that rumor to bed:

The Federalist’s Erielle Davidson followed up with some clarification:

But it was too late…

Imagine that folks – Football with no politics:

Maybe that’s what Elway was hoping to accomplish by not signing the man whose political stunt is even being blamed by ESPN for the drop off in NFL viewership.

Do you agree with Elway or does it get under your skin when people mix football with politics?

Hey Patriots,
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