Dems Don’t Know What Just Happened, Top Dem Just Supported Trump On North Korea

President Trump made a huge threat to rain Fire and Fury on North Korea if they do not back off of the US.  Since then, Washington (Dems, oh and McCain) have been flipping out.

Check out with this Dem said in support of President Trump.  It’s huge and making Dems scramble trying to figure out what just happened.

Joseph Lieberman said to  CNN,

“I know that President Trump’s words were strong, but I’m not upset about them because we’ve tried for years and years, really decades, diplomatic language and a lot else with the North Koreans and it hasn’t worked.”

President Clinton made efforts in form of a deal to have North Korea, Kim Jong Un’s father, be given money to destroy and stop work on building nuclear weapons, failed. President Trump had no choice but to buckle down and make the threat.He is absolutely right.

Trump needed to do this.  He is not just doing it for our safety but for the safety of the world.  In time, he will take North Korea down.

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