A Texas professor is protesting the state’s campus carry law by wearing protective combat gear to class.

College geography instructor, Charles Smith, went to his class last week wearing a camouflaged bulletproof vest and helmet. He stated that he is wearing this gear because he doesn’t feel safe with firearms on campus.

“It definitely makes me feel uneasy that there are more firearms on campus than there should be,” Smith said. “[Dressing this way] was just a statement on how I felt.”

In 2015, campus carry was signed into state law and officially implemented into Texas community colleges on Aug. 1. This law allows individuals with a conceal license to carry a handgun on college premises. The law went into effect at 4-year institutions in 2016.

“I realize students were carrying guns on campus illegally, but now it’s legal to do so. It increases the chances of something happening,” said Professor Smith.

The professor also revealed that no one had pulled a gun on him in his 10 years at the college.

“Used to, when they got mad at me, they had to go home to get the gun and had time to cool off. Now they will have it with them,” he added.

Smith said he’s concerned about an argument breaking out and one of the participants having a gun.

Smith said his protest has nothing to do with San Antonio College, as they are following the law. He said he ran his plans by local police and the administration beforehand.

“Some of them were okay and some of them weren’t, but it’s freedom of speech,” he said.

What do you think folks? Should students and professors be allowed to carry concealed on campus? Do you think all 50 states should implement this law?