Clinton Family Skips Town Once DOJ Reopens Investigation

The President has instructed the Department of Justice to reopen Hillary Clinton’s investigation around the email hacking affair. After this news has come out, a spontaneous and suspicious trip to Manoir Hovey in Canada has happened for Bill and Hillary Clinton. Also joining them, is Chelsea and their two grandchildren.

No announcement has been made as the why they are traveling to Manoir Hovey in the middle of a reopened investigation.  This has brought up many questions and concerns surround it.

Leaving in the middle of an investigation is nothing new for Democrats. Former President Obama skipped town and went to Indonesia when things were going wild with Susan Rice and her expected testimony, which was delayed.

Once news of Hillary’s suspicious trip was made public, social media thought things did not add up.

Hillary may be trying to get away, but she can not hide from the truth.  She will need to return home and face the music.

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