CHILLING Details Revealed About Wednesdays Debate… DO YOU STAND WITH TRUMP?

The second presidential debate is set to take place on Sunday, and liberals are already rigging it against Donald Trump.

Since Lester Holt was widely criticized in the first debate for going easier on Hillary Clinton, debate organizers have seemingly tried to fix this issue by using a different, Town Hall-style format for this debate. Though it may seem that this would lead to a more “fair and balanced” debate, this is not the case at all.

Allen B. West reported that liberals are mobilizing their supporters to stack the lineup of questions with ones hostile to Trump. Sunday’s questions and questioners will be prescreened and CNN and ABC News have “agreed to consider the Top 30 questions voted up” on the website “Presidential Open Questions.”

According to The Daily Caller, liberal groups are trying to vote up questions that they think will entrap Trump. One of these questions is from 6 year-old Sophie Cruz, a girl from California whose parents are illegal immigrants.

“If you deport my parents, what happens to me?” she asked “I am 6 years old and an American citizen. I have a 3 year old sister who is also an American. My heart is very sad, because I’m scared that ICE is going to deport my undocumented mommy and daddy.”

The question is now at No. 28, and would therefore qualify for consideration by the moderators.

The group “Define American,” co-founded by journalist and illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas, produced the video for Sophie and is mobilizing celebrities and activists to upvote the video.

Many of the top vote getting questions are blatantly liberal.




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