Bill Maher Brutally Mocks 9-year-old’s Letter To President Trump

After a month-long vacation, Bill Maher’s HBO show returned on Friday night where Maher took it upon himself to make fun of a child’s letter to the president.

Maher read out loud 9-year-old Dylan Harbin’s letter to President Trump which was first read by Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in late July.

Maher ruthlessly mocked the child’s spelling errors.

“This is more of an indictment of the educational system of America,” Maher said. “I don’t blame the kid. They haven’t taught him ‘is’ at the age of 9?”

The “Real Time With Bill Maher” host then read a very sick fake letter he attributed to Harbin.

“Do you like your boss Mr. Putin? When I drink too much milk I get in troubl (sic) for pootin (sic) too,” Maher read.

He also asked, “When you beat up on real Mexicans does candy come out” and “How much money do you have? If only there were some way to find out.”

Many took  to social media to express outrage for Maher’s tasteless humor. This is not the first time the comedian has come under fire this year for things he has said on the HBO show.

In May he was criticized for making an incest joke about Ivanka Trump and in June he apologized for using the N-word on his talk show.

Bill Maher is the real joke here. He is a terrible comedian and a complete bully that stops at nothing to bring others down.

Do you think Bill’s show ‘Real Time’ should be taken off air? Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this.

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