Al Gore Just Said Something HUGE About TRUMP That No One Has Brought Up

An announcement from Al Gore has just confirmed what everyone else has been ignoring.  According to BBC 4’s “Radio Today,” Al Gore admitted on live TV that he thinks that President Trump “inherited” the North Korea issue.

Gore said, “Donald Trump inherited a very dangerous situation that has been building for some time.”

According to the Washington Examiner, Gore believes that Trump should be praised for the way he has handled the tensions between the United States and North Korea. He feels he has done a great job imposing sanctions on North Korea via the UN Security Council.

The sanctions imposed, would deter certain countries from importing from North Korea costing them $1 billion, approximately one-third of the country’s annual exports.

This coming from Al Gore is quite impressive, since he and Clinton did not get the job done in the 1990’s.  Clinton had the opportunity during his visit.

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